Greg Saumure provides Line-of-Sight Ground Safety, Flight Training and Equipment Repairs for Skyshot Drones.  When authorized flights are near air traffic, at a public event , or near a heavily populated urban area, Greg provides ‘Line-of-Sight’ support to the ‘Pilot-In-Charge’.  Meaning, the aircraft are always in his ‘Line-of-Sight’.  This is an FAA requirement and provides additional safety for higher risk flights.

Greg is an experienced Combat Wing Pilot and a longtime Thursday Night Combat participant.  He earned his flight name ‘Freeway Flyer’ because he was the first pilot to lose an aircraft on the other side of the freeway from the flying field.

Skyshot Drones is a Sacramento area photography, videography and drone mapping service. Skyshot Drones is a native-american, female-owned small business. Skyshot Drones Owner, Casey Saumure has over 25 years in the homebuilding and construction industry throughout California and Washington State. She and her husband Greg Saumure are both experienced pilots.  Our website in constantly being improved.  Please feel free to call anytime with questions or competitive pricing.  (916) 759-7880.  Or shoot us an email at

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