March 25, 2023
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These were the Wild West Days of drone flight. The FAA and the public at large didn’t quite know what to do with us. We flew however and whenever we wanted.
Casey Saumure – at the 85th Annual American Association of Airport Executives | Reno, NV

By Casey Saumure

I purchased my first drone as a gift for my husband.  He flew it twice, put it in a corner, and called it boring.  If you’ve ever seen my husband and his friends fly Thursday Night Combat you would understand.  They build giant EPP foam aircraft with 5’ wingspans.  Then they all try to crash them into each other. Like battle bots in the sky.

How To Fly

So, this expensive drone had been sitting in the corner for 6 months and my curiosity got the best of me.  I drag it out, charge it’s batteries and update the software.  YouTube is my new best friend.  First, I practice solo at nearby parks.  Later, I joined the crew of pilots at sundown.  My husband flies with a really great group of guys of all ages.  One by one, they all helped me.  Sometimes it was just a shout to “Never turn your back on the flight line.”  We’ve all been hit by more than one wing and it hurts.    

These were the Wild West Days of drone flight.  The FAA and the public at large didn’t quite know what to do with us.  We flew however and whenever we wanted. 

Casey Saumure Founder Skyshot Drones and Angelique Ashby Mayor Pro Tem, City of Sacramento
Santa In Natomas 2019

Is That Your Drone?

Fast forward to Christmas and the annual ‘Santa In Natomas’ event.  Santa boards a Fire Truck and with a parade of carolers, blasts Christmas music as he rolls through our streets. I began chasing the fire engine down the street with my drone.  This year, a woman walks up to me and asks if I’m flying the drone.  Controller in hands, I tell her ‘yes’. I’m prepared for the usual accusations of spying and safety lectures I get from the public.  “I need that film”, she shouts over the Christmas music, and shoves her card into my hand. She ends up being our Councilmembers press secretary and works for the City of Sacramento.  They liked my film. I had landed my first contract to work with the City of Sacramento.    

Santa In Natomas 2015

Flying is Glamorous

I’ve been flying for 7 years now.  I’m a second renewal FAA Licensed Part 14 CFR, Section 107 Commercial Drone Pilot.  I have been sunburnt, smoked by California fires, chased by a guard dog, twisted my ankle in a foxhole and mosquito bit endlessly.  I carry the moniker #DroneMother.  Assigned by the same guys that taught me to fly.


I tell stories with photos and film. I’ve flown The Sacramento Kings Arena for Swinerton, Master-Planned Communities for homebuilders and large-scale public events for The City of Sacramento. I’m known for safe flights and fast deliverables. I believe we are stewards for the drone industry. Our experience keeps our camera’s flying and everybody safe.

Drone Mother

My name is Casey Saumure.   I founded Skyshot Drones in 2015.  I’m certified by the FAA as an sUAS Pilot. I fly all over the country but I'm based now outside of Raleigh, NC.  I share information freely, and you can call me any time.  (916) 759-7880.  Or email me at [email protected]

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